Our services are useful for companies that have suffered some type of DESASTER, across INSURANCE COMPANIES.
We work for PAPERCRAFTS INDUSTRIES that want to adapt bobbins of big dimensions to the sizes their customers demand. Likewise, we realize classification of items and marketing paper.


- Rewinding of paper of any gramaje, from 18 g/m2 to 1000g/m2.

- Diverse mandrels, both of entry and exit.

- Width of bobbins from, 200 mm to 2650 mm.

- All the diameters of entry bobbin, up to a maximum of 2100 mm.

- All the diameters of exit bobbin, up to a maximum of 1650 mm.

- Cutters. 8 cuts with a minimum of width per cut of 130 mm.

We are specialists in the RECOVERY of:

- Desasters, specially of paper, produced by fires, wettings, blows, etc.

- Burnt, wet and struck bobbins.

- paper paste.

- etc...